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“We have used BDS for several years at many of our locations: Autopark Honda, Autopark VW, Leith Nissan, Leith Toyota, Leith VW of Raleigh, Leith Audi, Leith Chrysler Jeep, Autopark Chrysler Jeep, Leith Pre-Owned and Capital Auto Auction. They run and staff our entire detail departments, doing all reconditioning and detail. Not only has this resulted in an increase in CSI from the quality work they do, but it has also enabled my managers to have more time to concentrate on sales and service by not having to focus on staffing training and scheduling a detail department…not to mention the added bottom line to the store by reducing the overhead and personnel expenses. It has truly been one of the better decisions we’ve made.”

“We have been working with BDS Dealer Pros since 2014 and I am happy to provide an endorsement for them. We have seen an increase in CSI and our managers have been freed up from what was always a huge headache in keeping our detail department staffed, on-task, and properly producing. BDS Dealer Pros’ management staff is always available and makes routine appearances at the dealership to ensure that their staff is producing accordingly and taking care of any issues that may arise. You should feel confident turning over your detail needs to BDS.”

“At Valley Auto World, we have been using BDS Dealer Pros since early 2010. Since then we have not only saved thousands of dollars in payroll compensation, but we have also seen a direct increase in our CSI scores on questions related directly to the cleanliness of cars at the time of delivery. Braxton Bell and his staff are professional, courteous to our customers and employees and are available whenever we have an increase in business when there is very little notice. Now, our managers have more time to work directly with our sales staff and address customers instead of worrying about staffing and managing a detail department. I would recommend BDS to anyone.”

“We have used BDS Dealer Pros as our reconditioning department for all of our franchises since 2007. Using BDS has increased the quality of our lot vehicles and delivery cleans, reduced personnel costs and eliminated our headaches with the detail department. I would highly recommend BDS to any dealer interested in eliminating frustrations from the detail department and increasing their bottom line.”

“We have used BDS Dealer Pros at Leith VW of Cary for over a decade. Using BDS’s services has not only increased my managers productivity from not worrying about staffing that department, but it has also increased our CSI due to his quality work. Our top focus has been reconditioning time and working with BDS we were able to cut our vehicles time to market from 2 weeks down to under one week. We currently use BDS to fully recondition cars, not just wash and wax, but fully recondition. I’ve been so happy with the full service that I receive from this company that I have hired them on as the full time recon company at the Leith Volkswagen of Raleigh store as well. In the 6 months since we’ve brought them on board our used car sales are up 25 percent and gross is up as well due to the quality of reconditioning we receive there. I can say without a doubt that working with BDS has increased our profit and lowered our expenses. I highly recommend this company to all of my peers.”

“Fred Anderson Nissan of Fayetteville partnered with BDS Dealer Pros in 2014, handling all of our detail and reconditioning. I was hired as the GM a couple of years after and it was a seamless integration. BDS team performs just like dealership employees do, they have the utmost respect for others and take pride in their work. They interact and communicate effectively with our employees and management staff. They promote an image that produces results in quality and solidifies those results with above average regional CSI scores. Any issues are handled quickly and thoroughly by their onsite supervisor. I would recommend BDS Dealer Pros to anyone looking for a full service detail vendor.”

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