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Braxton Bell


Braxton began in 1996 by serving automobile dealerships with a variety of automotive cosmetic repairs. As of 2018 he has built a one-man shop to multi-site detail & reconditioning centers…

Curtis Sheppard

Chief Operating Officer

Curtis Sheppard joined the BDS Dealer Pros leadership team in April of 2020. An experienced and proven leader with over 25 years leading large, successful operations teams. Curtis has worked for…

Burt Franklin

Repair Division Manager

Burt Franklin has been with with BDS Dealer Pros since 2001, he started as an Interior Repair Technician. He possesses a vast knowledge of the industry and has used that…

Terry Douglas

Operations Director

Terry Douglas began his career in the automotive industry in 1992 as a detail technician at a large volume local dealership. Terry is master certified in detailing and paint correction,…

Sheri Cannada

Finance Director

Sheri has been with BDS Dealer Pros since 2009, overseeing all the administrative functions in the office as the office manager. She directly handles all financial matters such as client billing,…

Gregg Dreyer

Workflow Specialist

Gregg Dreyer has been involved in the automotive industry for over 15 years.  He began his career as an interior route technician in 2003 and worked alongside of Braxton until…

Ray Hommes

Workflow Specialist

Ray has been working in the automotive industry for 4 years. He began his journey in an automotive dealership where he worked in both the Sales and Service Departments. He…

Bernie Davis

New Hire Training

Rob Stacy

Operations Manager, Cary

Rob Stacy began his career with BDS in 2013 as a Detail Technician at a low volume dealership. From there, he rapidly moved into management where he oversaw three consecutive…

Zack Howard

Assistant Operations Manager, Cary

Zack started his career in the automotive industry in 2000. Zack has lead large detail operations at dealerships across Raleigh, including Mercedes Benz and Chevrolet. Zack is master certified in detailing and…

Andre Monette

Operations Manager, Fayetteville

Andre has grown with Braxton’s since 2013. Equipped with over 20 years of leather and vinyl repair experience, he has since expanded his knowledge to all aspects of interior repair. With a…

Jon Pannachia

Operations Manager, Raleigh

Jonathan Pannachia has been in the auto industry for over 17 years. He started his career at a small dealership as a detailed technician. He quickly became master certified in…

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