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Q. What is the cost to use BDS?

A. The BDS Dealer Pros team will put together a proposal with exact costs per vehicle after meeting with a potential customer. Our cost is almost always less than a dealership staffing their own department, and we are extremely competitive with other companies who provide similar services. Because of how we operate and the number of services we provide, BDS ALWAYS has more value than the other alternatives.

Q. Are BDS employees required to follow the dealerships’ policies and guidelines?

A. YES! BDS Dealer Pros employees are held to a higher standard than most dealerships require of their own employees. We have a comprehensive employee handbook outlining all of our company policies. Any dealership that has special requests or concerns will be accommodated if the policy isn’t already in place by BDS Dealer Pros.

Q. Does the dealership have to supply chemicals or equipment?

A. BDS handles everything necessary for this department. The only thing a dealership needs to provide is space, electricity and water. We handle everything else from equipment and chemicals right down to paper clips and staples.

Q. Are the chemicals used OSHA approved?

A. Yes! We use only OSHA compliant chemicals with labeled bottles and an OSHA manual in each location for these supplies.

Q. How does BDS staff each location for proper coverage?

A. With decades of experience and an understanding of the volume of each location we have the capacity and experience to schedule the correct amount of labor to handle the needs of any dealership from 100 – 1,000 monthly sales. When there is a fluctuation in volume we have the ability to move technicians between locations to make sure our customers are always appropriately staffed.

Q. Why should a dealership consider changing how they currently handle the detail department?

A. Every successful auto dealership routinely examines the performance and value of each department and vendor. The BDS solution to the reconditioning aspect of an auto dealership adds tremendous value and results in increased net profit and much less headache for our customers. A 20-minute meeting with BDS Dealer Pros will allow a dealership to know what their alternatives are and to make an educated decision about who they want in charge of this important department.

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